Saturday, October 02, 2010

That Dream I Had Last Night

So, in my dream last night, me and Evan, my fiance, were staying at a fancy hotel. I have yet to figure out WHY.
My dreams like to keep themselves at least rated PG, thus we had rooms way down the hall from each other.
Evan seemed to be a very well-paid elevator repairdude. All the elevators in the hotel seemed to broken, which was kinda weird because we had just been going up and down in them.
So he fixed them. The people rejoiced. And then all of them crammed into the elevators.
Maybe THAT'S why they were broken.
Also, remember that magic measuring watch from The Santa Claus 2? EVAN HAD IT.
I think he killed Santa or something and stole the Christmas magic.
But kids kept mysteriously ending up with free ice cream, so I guess nobody minded.
(Note: There was no evidence that Evan was actually giving anyone magic free ice cream. The ice cream thing was just weird, and he had the watch, so that's what Dream Me was suspecting.)

Back at home, my dad had decided that having a pet bear would be awesome.
 So he built a giant bear-fort in the backyard so that it couldn't get out and maul the neighbors or whatever.  The bear had furniture in his bear fort. It was mostly plaid. It matched the bear's golf hat that the bear wore at all times.

My house is just a plain ol' one-story house. But not in my dream. It appeared that after my dad finishes his bear fort, he added another floor to the house as well.
Me and a couple of my dancer friends were working on choreography, when one of them, Leah, decided that if she didn't have pizza, she would probably die.
We ordered her a pizza.
Okay, we ordered several pizzas.

The pizza dude came to the front door (Which looked nothing like our actual front door as my dad, who appeared to be on some crazy remodeling spree, had replaced it) and handed us one of our pizzas. Leah grabbed it and ran off to devour it messily.
The pizza dude looked thoughtful.
Haley (The other dancer friend who, every time I looked at her, was wearing something different. Fortunately, none of it was ever plaid) asked, "Where the rest of our damn pizzas were" and the pizza guy responded that delivering pizzas at the front door every single time was dreadfully boring and if he had to do it one more time he would probably have to jump off a bridge, and could he please deliver the rest of the pizzas at various windows, and maybe one in the alley behind the nightclub so he could pretend he was partaking in a secret drug deal?
Not wanting a pizza dude's life on our hands, we agreed.
He delivered one at the back door. He delivered one at my brother's bedroom window.
He delivered one at the upstairs bathroom window.
He delivered one behind the nightclub (It was a small cheese pizza. He wore a trench coat. I'm hoping he was wearing something under that trench coat. He had been wearing pants previously. I'm hoping he had shorts or something. We could see his plaid socks.)

So that was it.
This is what my mind does while I sleep.

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