Thursday, September 23, 2010

Thursday Is Clearly the Most Bloggable Day

I like that word. Bloggable. I don't care is spell check hates it. Spell check hates donut too. But DONUTS, that's fine. Clearly, spell check is not happy with only one donut, and thus prefers the plural.

This Thursday I got to substitute teach. The first class I taught was 6-7 year old ballet. I have never actually assisted with this age group, but know that they are pretty much THE most talkative age group.
At first some of 'em were kinda like, "Hehehehe, sub knows nothing. We can get away with stuff."
They probably DID get away with more stuff. I'm not particularly stern. But not much. Because sub is not stupid. If class is not good, sub will mention that classes who don't pay attention and keep talking get less done. If less gets done....There's no time to watch part of a movie. :O
They were very good children after that.
I really had fun. They were sweet little girls, and they try hard. They just talk a lot, which is totally expected of that age group. They gleefully received Princess stickers afterward.

After that (yes, RIGHT after that) was Kidzhop. I was not worried about running out of stuff to do in Kidzhop. Because I am not so good at Hip-Hop I focused more on jazz. We did our regular warm-up. We did the Cha-Cha Slide, because we could practice our jazz squares that way. I did teach them a combination from a dance they're doing in the Christmas Stroll. But they don't know it's from that dance. I was going to do it with the actual Christmasy music, but I forgooot. Oops. Oh well. At least they sorta know it.
I had Laura there with me, which was very nice, I could ask her what she thought needed breaking down or going over again. And again.
In Kidzhop, we tend to use the same sort of hip-hop music for a lot of exercises. I decided to mix it up a bit by using some of my own music. :D Yes, I went through my library several times to ensure it was all kid-friendly. I ended up using some High School Musical 2 remixes, "Walkin' on Sunshine" (I assume it's kid-friendly. I don't know any of the lyrics except "I'm walking on sunshiiiiiine, WHOAH-OH! And don't it feel GOOD? HEY!!" But seriously, NO ONE can be offended by such a happy song.) , and even a little Relient K. Ms.Sue had given me a TON of music, so of course I used some of that, too. Who DOESN'T like "I Like To Move It"? Answer: Nobody. It's just that awesome.

I also taught them chasses (Sha-SAYZ for you non-dancin' types). In teaching them to do the chasses, I told them the ol' cat n' mouse story. "This foot is the mouse! This foot is the cat! The cat is going to chase the mouse, and he's going to catch it and kiss it!" Jonathan didn't look like he approved of this kissing thing. So I changed it a bit.
"The cat is going to catch the mouse and they are going to knuckle-touch."
Much cooler. :D
I managed to wear out the Kidzhop class. And here I thought that was scientifically impossible.
Yeah, it was fun. :)
Oh, and a little girl told me I looked hot. I don't think she meant hot. She meant hott. I thanked her.

After Kidzhop I managed to coordinate schedules with Evan, so I actually got to see him during the week. I see him Saturday, Sunday, and between classes on Monday. I start going through Evan Withdrawal by Wednesday. We went to Subway, because I only had an hour break and Subway was close. And delicious. It was nice, we got to tell each other all about work. I get to wear out children, he gets to...Google things. YES, he does other stuff. I'm sure it's important stuff.  It's just all technical, so when he tries to explain it to me, I go all, "Whaa? You do what? I'm sorry, it flew over my head. Did you hear it whistle when it flew over my head? You have very nice eyes by the way, did you know that?"
Yeah. I get some of it.  I just don't feel like explaining it to you.
I have decided that it is more fun to believe that he smuggles squid to Italians.
You'll just have to be satisfied with that.

I made it back in time for advanced jazz, which is great fun, and I did not die.
Laura and I tidied stuff up (Which is really more fun than it sounds) and leeeeaveded.
My mom picked me up, and guess what? We goin' straight to the market! No going home for yoooouuu!
So I put all my purse stuff in the laptop bag which contained my netbook (And no Ms.Sue I could not connect to your studio internetz. I also didn't try that hard.  I will bring my netbook on Monday, and we can MAKE EET HAVE INTERNETZ.) and got to carry that around HEB.
HEB is actually kinda fun. I didn't mind it (Except the netbook thing. The bag with all my electronics in it {Literally, ALL} is heavier than it seems like it should be. It probably weighs more than me. Which really doesn't take much I suppose....).
HEB is much more fun when you pretend you are Napoleon Dynamite. It is even more fun if your mom is the one who started it. So we Napoleon'd around HEB, which fortunately, was not crowded.
Though I doubt that would have stopped us.

And now, here I am, with my dear little netbook who has seen HEB.
My feet hurt.
I thought you'd like to know.
So now you have been educated. You know the ways of another Thursday.
YAY YOU! *clapclapclapclapclapclapclapclap*

Now I have the Cha Cha Slide in mah haid.
"How low can ya go? Can ya go down low? All the way to the floor?"

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