Friday, September 17, 2010

Thursday: The Day That Never Ends (EVER)

First order of business on Thursday was to actually get out of bed. Which I did. It wasn't actually morning anymore, but I did indeed get up. I showered. I ate food. I made food to pack with me because I wasn't going to be getting home until after 8:30.

My little sister Kimberly had a playdate with her friends. RIGHT after the playdate she had Kidzhop, a class I assist in. So guess what? Spooky teenager all dressed in black (Albeit with neon Peanuts characters on my t-shirt) gets to tag along.
Once there, I am introduced to Computer. Computer has internet. Dial-up. I didn't know ANYBODY still had dial-up. It also has some freaky virus that attacks you ferociously whenever you try the internet. I offered to scan for the virus and try to get rid of it, but then I discovered they are actually paying for Norton. Norton clearly isn't doing his job. So I stayed offline and rooted through their game stash. The only mildly violent, rated-T, game I could find was a Robin Hood game from 2002.
The intro was hilariousssss.

If you are my Facebook friend, it is on my page. If you don't actually know me, and you're some random stranger..Sorry. You're outta luck. I have tried and tried to uplaod it to my blog, but it refuses to work, and if I link you to my Facebook page....YOO KIN STALK MEH. might not have anything better to do.

Yeahhhh. So I played that for a bit until I freed my Merry Men, who were about to be hanged for unspecified reasons. I freed my Merry Men and then realized they were essentially useless. The big dude kept standing around the corner WHISTLING. When he whistled, the soldier dues would be all like, "???" and come to investigate. Then they'd see a big crown of alleged criminals who were SUPPOSED to be being hanged right now, but weren't. So now there's a big crowd of soldiers beating up on my mostly DEFENSELESS Merry Men, and I'm off being Robin, wayyy on the other side of the map, trying to figure what the hell I'm supposed to be doing since I've already freed the bunch of gibbering idiots, which I THOUGHT was the point, but apparently it wasn't. So I have to ruuuunnnn over there to save them, and get caught by the sheriff, who is a big bald dude who just sort of wanders aimlessly about the town.

After this happened about three times, I gave up and just wrote in my journal.

Classes went well. Bunch of kids in Kidzhop, and one of them lost her tooth. I had noticed she had a weird look on her face, but I was afraid to ask in case that face she was making was actually NORMAL. I hadn't actually met her before, and you'd be surprised at what is actually "normal" sometimes.

After Kidzhop I got a dinner break. :D I waited a bit for my peanut butter and jelly to settle a bit, then decided to join Intermediate Jazz, which is the class that goes on during my dinner break. After that was tap, which was kinda special. My feet have only done an hour of hard tappin' this summer, so now they're all out of practice. After that was advanced jazz. Fortunately, Laura (Ze jazzz teacher) wasn't hard on us, it being the first lesson, and Leah (My fellow crazy person who is in a million classes) and I had already had over three hours of ballet this week.
After classes we cleaned up, locked up, and went home. Laura is so cute. She's always so full of joy and enthusiasm about EVERYTHING. Even dust mopping. Even vacuuming.

So I got home. You may think this is the end. Nope. It NEVER ends. Okay it DOES, but not here.

I spent about five minutes at home, then it was time to go to Wal*Mart for grocery shopping. I felt that, after such a long day, and it being the first week of classes and everything, I deserved french fries. I only had about four dollars, so why bother saving it? Iz jus' four dollarz. So I bought myself an Icee and asked for "whichever size is the dollar one. I can never remember."
The lady says I would have to wait for the fries. I was happy to wait, because that meant I would get fresh hot fries. YAY FRESHNESS! So I got myself an Icee (Mostly Coke flavor, but I mix a little cherry in, too). I loooooove Icees. Lovelovelove. When I finally got my fries, the lady told me she'd given me a medium fry for waiting. Seriously? I was happy to be waiting for hot fries. Now I get HOT FRIES WITH EXTRA FRIES. YAYYYYYYY! I walked off happily (It may have been that fun jazz walk with the half-skip). I wandered through the Halloween section. I love the Halloween section. All the stripey tights, and the candy bowls that try to grab your arm, and the feathery witch hats.

Eventually I rejoin Mom, and after a while Chris joins us.  He and I agree that looking at groceries isn't that fun, so we head off to electronics for a bit. When we rejoin Mom, I suddenly turn into Hammy the Squirrel. This randomly happens sometimes. The hyperness descends upon me, and I suddenly feel the need to skip around and sing, "Nom nom nom nom nom nom nom, nom nom nom nom nom nom nom...."

I head back over to the magazines and pick up a bridal magazine to look at, and a bag of Ruffles. Mom instructs her children to check out the donuts. If you tell a squirrel to go check out the donuts, said squirrel will probably get distracted shrimp, ugly cookies, and boxes of donuts that are sort of shaped like a tank. By the time mom comes back, I'm driving a tank-like box of cookies around the shelf. Don't judge me.

So donuts finally get picked out, and we head to checkout, where Chris and Mom unload the cart, and I stand off to the side reading Seventeen. I was doing them a favor. If I help, I get in the way. Especially if I am weirdly hyper and keep singing the nom song. I did actually put down the magazine and help when Chris realized he had forgotten to get his weekly stash of Starbucks mocha-y goodness, which is apparently the only thing that keeps him semi-sane, what with his weird 7am-4pm shift at Liquis (Side note- I believe this to be my fiance's fault. Okay, not really. Evan has to drive his dad to work, and since he and Chris work the same days, Chris had to get hours to match Evan's so they could carpool. I still think NOBODY should have to be at work by 7am. What has this world come to?).

So anyway, we get home, unload groceries, and then just chillax and surf the interwebz, and then I go to sleep.

I accidentally slept until noon. But considering my week, and especially my Thursday, I decided this was perfectly understandable, and definitely okay.

And then I blogged it. So the world could know. Because they really really need to.


  1. I don't particularly mind Thursdays...but so much STUFF happens on them. It'd be nice if the stuff could distribute itself better amongst the rest of the days.
    Thursday refuses to share.


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