Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Polite as a Princess (Or perhaps not)

(I apologize in advance for crappy typing. I have had very little sleep, and my ''a'' key is being eeeeeeviiiil.)

As a dance teacher, most of my work is done during the school year, and I spend all summer being a lazyass and despite taking medication, sleep at really odd hours (Because if you do nothing all day, sleep really is not required).

But to save dance teachers from doing absolutely nothing all summer, we go and have dance camp (And conventions, but that'll be a whoooole 'nother blog post). Dance camps have various themes, stuff like Under the Sea, maybe a ballet like Coppelia, Tinkerbell, the Princess and the Frog, or heck, maybe even something weird like cows (You never know. People are weird).

This is how some ballet friends and I ended up spending a few days as Disney Princesses. I was Ariel, because I am currently the only redhead at the studio who is not five years old (Plus, the other redhead just silently stares at you like "O.O").

Children are awed by Disney princesses. If you look remotely like a Disney princess, they will totally believe you are legit.

Of course, since I had been teaching them all week as Miss Mary, convincing them that I was really Ariel was kind of a stretch. The three year olds were no trouble at all. They were all like, "Whoooaah, our teacher is really Ariel! 8O"

The fours and fives are a bit more skeptical. They tend to be more like, "Pffft, you're faking. We can totally see your feet under your tail."
To which I'm all, "Didn't you see the end of the movie? I had legs. And in the second movie, I was a mermaid again.''
Roughly half were then convinced. But the other half was still skeptical.
I then told them I have a handsome prince, who carries me around stores when I have my tail, so I can shop.
The children decided that if I have a handsome prince, I must be legit, and mostly called me Ariel for the remainder of camp.


Once upon a time, in a land far, far away....
On the last day of camp, all the princesses get together, and have lunch. This year they decided to pay a visit to the local Chick Fil A, in costume (It was difficult to convince Cinderella to go along with it, but in the end she gave in. I think she secretly liked it).
Cinderella, Ariel, and Jasmine all piled into Belle's royal carriage (Or two-door car), turned on their favorite princess music. Nicki Minaj (Whom Ariel hadn't actually heard, as she mostly listens to metal and punk rock and good stuff like that), Lil' Wayne (Who seemed to be talking about random objects and swearing), and The Lonely Island (.....Yeaahhh. XD).

Princesses like to turn their music up really loud. They also sometimes like to roll down their windows and wave their hands out of them to call attention to themselves.

The Chick Fil A was freaking crowded.
The princesses got stared at a lot. Belle and Ariel liked this.
Cinderella and Jasmine are kind of chickens, so the princesses decided to get their food to go (Also, there was a little girl from the camp they just taught who was waving ecstatically).
Because Belle is a speed demon, the princesses arrived back at the studio in three seconds flat.
They had a picnic in the dance studio, and watched a wide variety of Youtube videos, ranging from "Malk" to "I Just Had Sex".

And they lived sexily ever after.
The last camp of the day went well. Nothing terrible happened, and nobody died. After camp, my sister came and took pictures.

So, sleep deprivation aside, it was a good week. I like working with the kids, I get paid, I get free lunch, and cupcakes.

I didn't even have to clean up the studio much, because The Boss had her granddaughter with her, and they just wanted to go home (And I'm certainly not sticking around if I don't have to. Though I'll help if she plans a work day, of course).

Now if you'll excuse me, Imma go sleep for a week.