Saturday, October 30, 2010

Itteh Bitteh Kitteh Does Not Believe in Sleep

We have a lot of cats. When I get married and move out, I am taking my kitty, Bunny, with me. Bunny has a bestest friend named Lucy. Lucy is my sister's cat, so she will not be coming with me. Thus, Bunny would be terribly bored and lonely. Living with a bored lonely Bunny is HELL. HELL I TELL YOU. So as a "wedding gift" my Gramma adopted a kitten for us and Bunny.

He has no name yet. For now we've been calling him Baby, or Itteh Bitteh Kitteh.
He ran and played for hours without resting. Most of the other cats hate him. They think he is terribly creepy. Bunny LOVES him. Bunny thinks he's awesome. This is probably because Baby looks like a Mini-Bunny.
For the whole day, Baby would run away if anyone tried to pick him up. If someone picked him, he lost The Game. A few times we succeeded in grabbing him. He didn't mind once he was caught, and we could hold him a few seconds before he'd start to climb over our shoulder and try to sneak out the back way.

As is the custom on Friday night, my family went over to my grandparents for a few hours. Itteh Bitteh Kitteh took a nap while we were gone, so when we came back, he was all rested and ready to start zooming around the house, leaping higher than a kitty of his size should, and smashing into things.

By night, I wondered if he would decide to sleep in the closet as he had previously, tear around the house and be a general holy terror as he did during the day, or he'd settle in someone's bed.
Of course, he decided on my bed.
I felt something leap up onto my pillow. For a moment, it didn't move.
Then I heard it.
It began to come closer.
It grew louder, and faster.
And then it was on my face.
No kitteh, you may not sleep on my face.
Holy terror by day....Purrmonster that LOVES YOUR FACE by night.
But so, so, adorable. He's got a little white face, and absolutely ENORMOUS green eyes. No one can resist the Enormous Green Eyes.

After a while of purring and rubbing, I finally got him asleep. On my arm. Then I had to go to the bathroom.
He had fallen into the Deep Sleep of Much Twitching within a couple of minutes, so I hoped he just wouldn't wake up.
No such luck.
When I came back from the bathroom, he was purring his loudest, and trying to love all over my sister's face.

And so the cycle began again. He'd toddle back and forth from one face to the other.
FINALLY, around 3:30, he settled wayyy up on top of my pillow. Finally, sleep was had by all.

I was awakened around 7:45 by my dad, who feeds the cats breakfast every morning. Apparently he couldn't find Baby. I was about to check the top of pillow, when I realized there was an itteh bitteh kitteh paw on my ear.
Baby had migrated, and was now sleeping in my hair.
I picked him up and put him down next to my bed, where Dad had placed the food dish. Baby snuck up on the dish, and peered in, to make sure the food was dead. It appeared to be, and I fell back asleep while he was eating.

When I woke up, he was back on the top of pillow.
Looking as though he had never moved.

*EDIT* A discussion of names was had, and eventually it was narrowed down to Blitzen and Skippy. Itteh Bitteh Kitteh was christened Blitzen. So now the pair is Bunny and Blitzen. I like to call them the Pretty White Boys.

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