Friday, October 22, 2010

Radical Equations Are Totally Radical, Dude (OR NOT)

Dear Precalculus,
Sometimes, you are okay. Sometimes I understand you.

But then you ask me to cube things. If you TOLD ME how to cube things, then I would not have to Google it, and things would be fine. But you don't. And then, you change the little bitty 3 on the cube symbol thing to a 5. I barely know what to do with a 3, and now you give me a 5? I don't even know what to call that. How can a I Google that IF YOU DO NOT TELL ME WHAT IT IS?

You have issues. Serious issues.
You are either someone who obsessively keeps secrets as it inflates your ego and gives you the feeling of knowing things nobody else knows (I'm sure this has name, I just don't know what it is), or you are a pathological liar. Please seek psychiatric help.
 Sincerely, Some Who Hates You Now More Than Ever Before

 P.S. I am now in your answer key, trying to figure out what the hell is wrong with you. (Yes I am in your base. All your answers are belong to me.)
  Dear PreCalculus,
Seriously? All I had to do was bring the other side of the equation to the power indicated by the little number on the squarey symbol thing? 



What ever happened to that weird equation thing with the random numbers in it that you showed me in the example? Remember Example 1?? I don't see that being used anywhere in your answer key.
All you did was multiply things. You brought them up to a certain power. 
That's it. 
I learned how to do that MANY MANY YEARS AGO. (Note: I am aware I haven't been alive for very long, and you may scoff at my usage of "many" to mean "maybe five years ago". But may I remind you that five years is really a significant portion of my life so far. Five years ago, I WAS THIRTEEN *shudders*. So to me, five is "MANY MANY YEARS AGO.)
You could have just told me this PreCalculus, yooouuuuu bastard, you.

I still think you need psychiatric help.
Or be fined, or have to do community service, or SOMETHING.
You won't get away with this nonsense forever Precalculus.


Sincerely, I Know People Who Own a Paper Shredder. And I Love to Shred Paper. LOVE IT.

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