Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Why, What's This?

A fake post, that's what.

BUT I will be updating soon. I found an old travel journal. My mom wanted to read it, but we forgot. My sister and I used to read it occasionally, and laughed our butts off. So that will be coming someday. I'll have some time on my hands during Spring Break, and the week after. (During the week after break, I will be working, but The Husband will be in Lubbock learning geek things at the new Martian Job. So I'll be playing Sims Medieval, and teaching my sister how to Borderlands 2. Maybe I'll squeeze in some blogging, 'cause it's fun.)

The only other post ideas I have floating around involve watching more cartoons, or talk about my wedding, which was a year and a half ago, but I still remember it. That post would be like, "HOLY CARPS WEDDINGS ARE EXPENSIVE. Here is how to be cheap."

So, if anyone has anything they wanna hear me talk about, throw out a suggestion, and I think about it. xD


  1. Challenge accepted.

  2. Suggestion: Make up a random story. It will be funny...

  3. Do anything- you could make it funny, no matter what. Also, just do it sooon. I've run out of blog to read, and I'm extremely upset.


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