Thursday, April 28, 2011

What is this I don't even

So I don't have anything particularly exciting to blog about. But I've already written a post about writer's block, and I've rambled endlessly about nothing numerous times, so I will have to think of something else.
I will go look through the pictures on my computer, and see if there's a good one to write about.

    Okay.  What the hell is this? Why is it here? I DON'T RECOGNIZE THIIIISSS. I don't even know what to call it. At first I thought it was a knife, but then I enlarged the picture and it doesn't look like a knife. It resembles an anvil. Kinda. And there's a noose involved.

Oh, great, more mysterious unknown pictures.

This one appears to be a book of some sort. Or a box. Whatever it is, it is very colorful, and colorful is usually good (Unless the "colorful" object being discussed is a clown. Clowns are bad. Always horrendously bad.)
 Oh goody, there's more!

Bloomingdale's? Whyyyy do I have this? I never searched for this.
It's not even that pretty. I don't like it.

WHO ARE YOU FACELESS PEOPLE?? I don't know you.  I never searched for you, or downloaded your picture, or anything. What do you want from meeeee??

Here we have last, and definitely least....A pair of plain ol' boring pearl earrings. I'm not into pearls. Too June Cleaver or something. So WHY is there a picture of them on my computer??

Now that I really look at them...those are kinda ugly. They are oddly shaped pearl things with nothing fancy on them. No offense to you pearl-lovers, that's cool if you like them. I just don't wear them. They're all...round...and white...and not really that shiny. I do however, like black pearls. Black makes pretty much everything better.

Wow. That was really weird. I had no idea these pictures were on my computer. Now I know they're HERE, but how did they GET here?
In that same file was my previous Facebook profile picture, along with the previous profile pictures of my mother, my sister, my fiance, and my friend Amber. Why? WHYYYYY??

Has someone been creeping around my computer, downloading pictures of cakes, books, earrings, newlyweds, and mysterious knife/anvil-like objects?
Has a mysterious stranger been creeping on my friends and family?

I'm scared. O.O
Oh crap.
I think I forgot to take my pills.
IT'S 2 AM.
I'm not sleepy. Seriously like, at all.
It's going to be a very long night.

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