Friday, April 22, 2011

Those Magic Changes

Ehehehehe, I named this post after a song that basically seems to be about puberty. This amuses me more than it should.

I realized I have not blogged this blog lately.
I have decided to give this blog an actual name, which I have never bothered to do. Shame upon me. But not too much, it could crush me flat.
I never use my Tumblr, but I like the name of my Tumblr, so Imma steal that name (The name, not the url. The url is the same as this one. Except Tumblr, not Blogspot. Creative, ain't I?)

The title is actually named after a Flyleaf EP that I don't have. I have the albums Flyleaf and Memento Mori. I didn't care to name my blog after the band itself, and Memento Mori (Basically, "Remember you will die") could be seen as morbid. And while I do have a love for darker music and such (I have a friend who calls me emo. I am nowhere near emo. XD) I am not seen as morbid. Plus, this is, first and foremost, a humor blog, about my life. You don't title a humor blog about life "Remember You Will Die". While that title could actually be seen in a positive light, I doubt most people would see it that way.
SO I go with something that actually sounds happy.
YAY FOR HAPPY, I LIKE HAPPY. (Which is why I obviously would fail at being emo. I would totally be gothic though. Goths are excellent, and are really not generally worshipers of Satan. Stupid stereotype is stupid.)
I also changed the picture. It is now my brother, my sister, my mom, and me at Berry Springs Park. My other sister was the one taking the picture, so while you can't see her, she is still there. Waaatchiiiing.
Anyway. I'm sort of getting ideas for a new actual post.
That way...this can be a post not only about my new title, but also about other new stuff. :O

Like, see where it used to say "Followers (Stalkers)"? It now says, "All My Little Ducklings". 'Cause ducklings follow. GET IT GET IT?

I thought about changing the layout, but this is the only layout I like. I went with a totally new template to build off of (I could do better if I knew codes and such, but I don't, so I won't). It's raining now. I freaking love rain.
GAH IT WON'T RAIN WHERE I LIVE. It's spring. It's supposed to rain. But noooooo. It's all....SUNNY. -_____-

I changed my colors. I like dem.

So, as for new subjects...I have a video of a creepy toy in Wal*Mart that I could upload (It's already on Facebook) or I could blog about eye doctors. Or if those two subjects are already boring you to tears...I'm sorry, I'll try to think of something else.
I bet I won't even get a response on that. I either have very few readers, or a bunch of silent readers. If you're a silent reader...Speak up for crying out loud, you're making me nervous. O.o


Nobody ever comments.
But could be one of the few. The brave, daring few who have left a comment.
So go ahead.