Tuesday, August 31, 2010

I Have Arrived

Today, I had nothing awesome to do. Sure, I had STUFF to do, but it wasn't AWESOME stuff.
That was no fun.

So I started a blog. I had a blog. It wasn't that cool, but I had one on Xanga.com. Then I found this website, which is infinitely cooler. So, I decided to start a new one, and see if I could attract random strangers to it.

In this blog, I will probably write about ordinary things. But I have a strange mind, and according to Other People, I think in a hilarious manner. There will probably be typos. It is GUARANTEED that there will be typos. Just because I spend a ton of time on the computer does not mean I ever bothered to take a typing course.

Go ahead, read around. If you're really bored, you might find it funny. If you don't find it funny...well go play outside or something. You need some fresh air.

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